Gumball 3000 heads to Jebel Akhdar
13th November

Introducing the first official stop on Gumball 3000 'The Middle East'!

After the iconic Flag Drop in Dubai, Gumballers are set to travel from the UAE into Oman, where we will be climbing into the mountains to stay at a unique 5 star resort with some of the most stunning views Oman has to offer.

We’ll be taking in some of the best driving experiences in the world with tight hairpins and perfect tarmac, that rivals Europe's very best roads.
The road to the resort is usually reserved strictly for 4x4s, but in true Gumball 3000 style, we've been given special access to take our Gumball grid of supercars and superstars up this incredible mountain pass.

This one is going to be truly special!