Gumball 3000 signs new video games deal!

We're excited to announce a new video games deal between Gumball 3000 and SimFabric / GR Games ( - a Warsaw based publisher and producer of computer games. GR Games will be launching their first Gumball 3000 multi-platform video game in 2024 to coincide with the “25th Anniversary” of the Gumball 3000 Rally - launching Gumball 3000 into the world of eSports!



Maximillion Cooper, Founder and Creative Director of Gumball 3000, has also acquired a significant stake in GR Games, and will sit on the Supervisory Board, alongside Emil Leszczyński, Chairman of the Supervisory Board SimFabric S.A, and Julia Leszczyńska – CEO SimFabric S.A.. GR Games will create a Gumball 3000 series of games, appointing a team of international specialists in the field of racing and rally games to recreate the real event into an eSports series. SimFabric is a publisher, porting studio and producer of computer games established in 2016 after receiving the main ESA (European Space Agency) award in the competition for the best space application, and in 2020 became a joint-stock company and made its debut on the Warsaw NewConnect stock exchange. So far, the company has released over 20 titles for Nintendo Switch, PS4 / PS5 consoles, as well as PCs.


"A previous version of a Gumball 3000 racing game was created by SCi Games 20 years ago for PlayStation2 and PC, topping the video games charts in several countries throughout the 2000s... so we're incredibly excited to be releasing a new multi-platform game to coincide with our 25th Anniversary. In the past few years we've seen more eSports and celebrity gamers and influencers participating in the rally - including FaZe Clan and Clout Gang - and in many ways these are our new "rock star" participants. To be launching a Gumball 3000 video game and to make the jump into the world of eSports is an important move for Gumball to allow a wider audience to experience and be part of Gumball 3000!" Maximillion Cooper.